Switzerland is commonly referred to as an ideal example of impeccable democracy. Indeed, the small pluralistic state at the heart of Europe is something very special. The four dominant language cultures lead a peaceful coexistence and respect each other in their otherness. Linguistic minorities are protected and politically integrated, power is distributed horizontally and vertically, and the political system allows citizen participation to an extent nowhere else in the world.

Nevertheless, all that glitters is not gold. Here, too, there are areas in which there is a great need for action. In a multi-part series, I draw attention to those areas to which I attribute a certain need for reform or have the impression that the topics do not receive the public attention that they may deserve.

I feel extremely grateful, lucky and honored to be able to publish my controversial articles through swissinfo.ch – an information platform for Swiss living abroad and for people who are simply interested in Switzerland. I am also very grateful to profit from the experienced editors that supervise the project and the substantial feedback they give.

About me: Im Sandro, currently earning my doctoral degree in political science at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich. In my thesis I study the political effects of electoral reforms carried out in the Swiss cantons. More broadly I am interested in understanding the complex mechnisms behind the interplay of political institutions and society.

Below is a list of some publications that are all more or less directly associated with the history, the presence and the future of democracy (click on the title to open the article). This blog is not structured, but a loose collection of written thoughts on political matters. Furthermore you will find copies of writings that I submitted as part of my studies.


Other articles by or with me (most of them available in several languages):

Exclusively German articles:

Exclusively French articles:

[Remark: This post will be updated continuously]

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